Questioning your school report? September 30th 2021

Question- what was on your school report card? And what are the things your parents used to say to you? I am just wondering if there is any coherence between you as a kid and you as an adult? Me? Well – teachers told me I talked to much, and always wanted to do the things my own way. When I was 3 years old, my mum struggled with controlling me and even went to see a doctor. Later on in my puberty my parents said -I had to much lazy moments (where others couldn’t see I needed some time and space to proces and reflect). And I wrote a lot… a lot… of stories 🙂
Can I put these statements on a resume? Well…. looking at my life right now, I can see the coherence. Talking, creating, reflecting. I like to initiate and I am at my best working independent on projects. Living this life makes me very happy!! So I am curious. What was on your report? What did adults say to you? #curious #coherence #growingup #kids #funny #schoolreport