A wider perspective towards life- September 11th 2021

During my trips to Africa- i developed a wider perspective towards life. Because of things like taxi cabs called trottos that only started to drive when they were full, instead of driving on a time schedule. And grown ups taken responsibility to not only their own child, but all the children in the community. … The moment I got back home – these memories gave me a new view on life here in Amsterdam. Everything seems so over organized. Maybe that’s the reason why I sometime feel like it can be difficult for energy “just to flow”. Or my heart “just to connect”. Maybe all the agendas and appointments keep us away from a deeper level of connection. What if I am late? What is the result of this meeting? And what about my things to do list? And what if its not the right moment to discuss this subject. Well- my agenda says it is… I feel lucky that my trips to Ghana, and Egypt showed me how rich live can be when you have direction but also allow your feet just to move intuitively. I am grateful that I made the choice to live much more slow than I ever did before. This way of living let’s my energy flow so much easier. Because now I am able to be fully aware of where my energy is going. Which made me able to create beautiful momentum in life! #momentum#Africa#differencesmakeusricher