Be the change and attrack change | November 24th

We all grew up with parents, teachers, siblings and other people who didn’t validate our character or needs. Parents were often unaware of it. So as a depended child we had to behave in a way our parents wanted, or we had to make us disappear, in order to feel safe. We were all conditioned -growing up. Longing for peace and love in a universe where both are accessible …. in ourselves!
Yet- how could we have known as a child?
As we grew into adulthood we developed behaviors that would soothe or suppress our childhood wounds. Some of us keeping up big fences, not willing or not able to open up and share thoughts and feelings. Others created coping mechanisms -for example -fulfilling only the needs of the other one, to feel the connection they long for. Everyone one carries this in a little or big bag on our back!
It is okay.
It is human.
AND it is time
To be the change
Keep in mind that it is never the other one that needs to change. It is you! And that is wonderful. Because you have all the influence you need! To choose a different path. Take a look in your mirror and observe what it is, you are protecting. Take a look and face your old belief to keep your guards up. Take a look and face old behavior, like leading the relationship to get the connection you long for. It is time to validate yourself! Its time to make change! If there is something off – then it is telling you that change is needed! Give it attention and develop new behavior. If not, then you’ll carry it with you for another year. Or it will pop up in the next relationship that’s entering your life.
Facing old fears, old behaviors and beliefs is building a stronger and wiser you! We are worth the change and we are worth attracting new opportunities in our life’s.
Note: Be the person who breaks the cycle! If you were judged, choose understanding. If you were rejected, choose acceptance. Be the person you needed when you were hurting. Or the person who hurt you. Act from your heart. Not your pain …