Be the new you, that’s what the world needs right now | November 5th

What is going on in the world right now? Why is this happening? What is real or not?
Well first of all- nothing happens for a reason. Without any doubt I can tell you this time is an appeal to our intuition, authenticity and personal leadership. Who are you in the middle of this crisis? These coming months are here to slow down, connect to our inner wisdom and heart. It’s a time for compassion and collaboration. Everyone has their own talent, skills, human design! We create our own world!!
Second – it’s time to TRUST!! Everyone manifests their beliefs. If you like it or not! So please, start to trust and built a strong belief in love, unity and nature! Believe in your own inner voice and start to live and speak your truth. Even if you are still doubting about what’s real or not. It does not matter!! The same way these circumstances do not matter! It’s all about our belief in a brighter future! Trust and believe like it’s already done. This circus is over.
And last but not least- take inspired action. Be creative. Organize a home diner party, sing songs together, start writing in a journal, empower your friends. Give some one a hug – a few seconds longer then you are used to. Smile to people you don’t know… BE THE NEW YOU! That’s what the world needs right now.
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