Be welcome new teachers | October 6th 2021

Working in education gives me great pleasure! I love development, growth and feel grateful to contributie on the (life/urban/ education) skills of others. Sitting in a classroom feels like home. It’s simply because kids and teachers are awesome! And the energy in a school is so dynamic. It makes me feel alive. Today a small girl (I think she was 4 years old) saw me entering the classroom and welcomed me with a big hug. It’s one of the many spontaneous things happening in a school. This week I was blessed with a lot of coaching sessions with new teachers. After a review on the lessons, I took the time to discuss their vision on education. I notice that a lot of these new teachers have a strong inner voice and wisdom to share. They wonder… ask critical and relevant questions ….and express some doubts about our education system. Wow! I loved our conversations. I always encourage them to talk to more experienced teachers and contribute to the educational dialogue in schools. Both sides have a lot to share. And I believe the dialogue is like 1+1=3
I respect my colleagues who educate, coach and support our kids. The ones who had the energy and drive to stick around all these years, the ones that came back after a break, and the ones that recently made the choice to join the team. I also want to welcome all new teachers- who just started this year -with the same hug and happy energy as this 4 year old girl welcomed me! #education#zuidoost#educationaldialogue#future#kids