Building healthy relationships | September 18th 2021

Do you sometimes feel anger, fear, and probably project that on someone else? Just remember—> It is never ‘ the other one’. It is you! Acknowledging that, requires an honest look in the mirror and that can be very confrontational. Since I operate from an experienced level- I want to standby others and encourage them to see their own reflection in the mirror. I want them to know that they are not alone in this. I focus on their growth. It’s because I believe in a peaceful world where we all own our triggers and grow together after an unpleasant situation. Because that trigger effected someone else’s live too! When one takes accountability. And the other shows compassion then we allow ourselves to built a healthy relationship. We are human. We need eachother! So please allow yourselves to have triggers, because than we allow our partners friends, colleagues and kids to have them too. And when we show compassion – you offer the other one a chance to grow without them loosing you because of the conflict. Stay connected and experience this growth together. It is so beautiful when healthy relationships are built. For me that’s moving this world forward. Together!
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