Meet your most beautiful Path- canvas

Close your eyes and see what may come your way in the coming year. How do you feel when you think about the coming year? Do you experience jitters and feel excitement? Do you experience insecurity or a shortage? Are you already feeling lucky or are you looking for it?
I invite you to create your personal canvas together with me (1 on 1 or in a Meetup). A creation in which you imagine and express what 2021 can be about for you. Participating in this workshop will not only give you wonderful quality time with yourself, tuning in to your canvas regularly will ensure that you will have new experiences, open new doors and make life choices easier. Why? Because you have made your desire the focus of 2021 and are thus taking an important step in taking leadership over your own life.
*Meet your most beautiful path- canvas (max. 2p)
Enjoy your me-time while starting to create your future
Available on every Wednesday and Thursday 19.30-22.00
€20,- p.p | €35 personal 1 on 1 meeting |