My inner compass

I have worked in primairy education of Amsterdam for over 20 years, so I have spent my whole life having fun (from kindergarten teacher to school director) learning and discovering.

I love stories and remain fascinated by the different paths people take. It is special how everyone gets in their way what makes them wiser, stronger, more aware and often milder. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I believe we attract in the life we ​​focus our attention on. If you think in abundance and you can feel where you want to be, you allow it in your life. My own path took me where I am now. Walking on my path still feels like an endless journey. I continue to travel with confidence and with great pleasure. I was able to discover how -on the trails behind me. I was lost, crashed, got dirty and hit me often enough. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. Fellow travelers chose a different path. It was all necessary. Nothing was certain anymore and that suddenly gave a lot of space. Along the way I met new travelers and I was allowed to meet myself again by walking with them. I danced, laughed, loved and discovered what life is about for me.

If the old does not fit – and you do not yet know which new path you want to take, it is nice if you see time along the way as a beautiful (inner) journey. The great thing is that travel is not about the destination at all, just about the journey itself.

For me, traveling is discovering your inner compass. If you know what makes your heart beat faster – you also know what you desire. If you focus on that you will notice that your path will also unfold. With a conscious inner compass and your attention attuned to what you want, you create your own script of life.