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Road Trip “Meet the Dutch”
Do you want to know more about Dutch culture and habits?
And do you want to improve your language skills?
This summer I will organize various road trips through the Netherlands.
These trips are all about fun, and getting to know the Dutch.
Why do they mash their foods? And whats up with this circle of chairs during a birthday party? And what does “helaas pindakaas”means?
I am a Dutchie, born and raised in Amsterdam. I am a teachter, hiker and storyteller. So I really like to combine beautifull landscapes with great stories from Duth history. I want to tell you all about our culture and will learn you some Dutch language as well.
It’s all-incl: 4 nights, a ferry ticket, breakfasts, diners, lunches and of course all snacks and drinks on the road.
Max. 6p.
Total price: €888,-

PAY ATTENTION –> this trip is all about your integration in the Netherlands.
Make sure you inform your company to obtain financial compensation

5 days ful of fun

Day 1- we will meet in a Hotel/restaurant in Weesp (near Amsterdam) for diner on thursdaynight. We will spend some time to get to know eachother and we will look at the roadmap.
Day 2- we will get in our minivan and drive along the Dutch rivers the Vecht and the IJssel
Enjoying a typical Dutch lunch and having fish for diner in Harderwijk where we will spend the night in a B&B.
Day 3 -we will go North to visit Westerbork.
Afterwords we will have diner and a nice room in a farmershouse -where we will meet a Dutch family.
Day 4- lets buy a ferry ticket and visit one of the Wadden Islands. Having a walk in nature is so great at Vlieland.
We will end this day with a nice meal and a special “final night program”.
Day 5- after breakfast, we will drive across the Afsluitdijk and have lunch in Alkmaar. Afterwords we will return to Amsterdam. We will be back around 04.00 p.m. If you prefer I can arrange another special night in a yurt or doubleroom in a beautifull city oasis of Amsterdam *(extra €100)