In love with people | September 20th 2021

Want to know what I love to do in life? Okay- make a picture of this marathon run. And look at me as someone who runs in front of the group. Not to stand out- but to be the cheerleader, the applause and the energy that keeps it going. I can’t help but see the best potential in life.. And I love to be the facilitator of it. I experience this unstoppable energy to support kids, grown ups, schools and organizations whom run their beautiful marathon. They all have dreams of having a positive impact on life. I feel blessed to give them courage, faith, energy and love. So they step into the light, spread their wings, and do their thing; showing love, sharing knowledge, strength, and leadership.
Dear marathon runners- I bow deeply to all of you. #motivate #dreams #energize #facilitator #biggestfan #go