It is time for men and women to unite | November 26th

This week I got a visit from a beloved spirit. She handed over one or our sisters .. Great mother Isis. Goddess of healing, magic and unconditional love.And now she’s standing in my living room. I can feel her energy -big time. I can tell you it is not a coincidence that she’s with me right now. Why? Because she resonates with my destiny.
She is embodying my purpose in life … unity!
It’s time for man to unite with women. And this weekend will have a great impact on their journey. I got this vision of unity between men and woman- last summer. I got shocked by an encounter. And after experienced a healing proces -the encounter and proces make sense now. Be aware!! This is a time of great change. When I look around I see so, so many men I know, that are taking a step back right now. And that is good!! Ladies- give them time and space. And prepair yourself too for the unconditional love you are about to give these chosen men! Only then you will be receptive to the same love from them. The only thing we have to do as women -is trust. Trust and honour. It’s the only support they need from us right now. Leave them alone. And give them time and space to recharge, to reflect and built strength. So they can come back more powerful, receptive and masculine then ever. They’ll come back as men in touch with their body, mind ánd heart !! So they can close the gab. And unite men with women. It is what this time needs right now! And it takes time sisters… be patient. It’s worth it! Trust me…and connect with your inner goddess Isis
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