Love is the highest energ there is | October 29th 2021

The world is changing. Big time!
There is fear… there is control… force…. It’s awful. I don’t want to be a pessimistic neither ignorant or to optimistic. The past few months invited me to be realistic! And I can tell you. It wasn’t easy. I got confronted with hidden agendas, betrayal and deception. Opening up my eyes did hurt!!
It conflicted with my energetic, enthousiast positive energy and love for all mankind! My perspective on life changed. My view on governments, institutes, and our financial situation changed. Is it true that mankind could really loose their own light and go(o)d within? To live in a ego-based world contributing to the opposite of world peace??!! Really? YES!! It scared the hell out of me.
But after a couple of weeks of reflection, meditation and talking to a lot of friends, I feel better then ever. It’s not a coincidence that at this moment in life; I feel Confident Happy and Strong. I‘ve met a lot of new people on my path. They all contributed and inspired me to take a stand.
Because it’s my time to contribute! To serve!!!!! It’s time to inform other people about this mass deception. It’s time to built a community to join forces and love. It’s time to shine the light upon the dark. The ‘machtselite’ fear those who live a life from their heart. Those who are here to serve humanity. They can’t be controlled, like they can control the big crowd.
Love is energy!! The highest there is!
Dear friends, family, colleagues, loved ones… we are gonna need each other more then ever. If you ever feel the need to ask questions, or join our community… you are more then welcome! You know where to find me. ❤️

Ps – I listen to the podcast of the Trueman show. Just so you know 😉