Meet Anne Marie Asbreuk | October 31th

I dedicate this month to a very special spirit, living on earth. Anne Marie Asbreuk. Dear Anne, do you have any idea how important your guidance is to me? This month it is;
*Exactly 5 years ago, that I called you up on the phone. I was so so upset. Feeling this new frequency. I was shaking and got caught by a feeling of mourning. It was my intuition that let me to you. We hardly knew each other. You told me to come over. I remember the day before we met, we were both puking. We were in sync. And so it was you who took my hand that day when I didn’t understand what was going on. I was about to take a life changing step and I couldn’t understand why this was happening. The only thing I knew was that I hád to do it! It was so suddenly and confusing because I still loved my bighearted and always caring husband. Your response was; but of course you do!!
*a year later…, my dear mam died… and again it was you who toke the time. I remember you even repeated the words I told my mam while holding her hand in the hospital! How could you know?
*and then two years ago… you invited me to go on a trip to Egypt. It was you who thought me how to use my intuition even more. You showed me how to tap in and work with energy….
Dear Anne. You have no idea how grateful I am having you in my life! So, my dear sweet sister. My guiding spirit on earth. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for your love, your guidance… your teachings and your beautiful smile. Your presence on earth is so so so important. To me and to many many more. I Love you more then you can imagine.
Tonight on October 31th- all spirits are very nearby… it’s almost night- perfect timing to dedicate November 2021 – to you! #energywork #spiritonearth #guidance #november21