Meet peace servant Godian Ejiogu – September 12th

I love how magical life can be. From the day I started serving my purpose fully, suddenly people on the same mission walk into my life. For example- last Friday;
I had no plans… so I decided to meet a friend. She asked me to join her on some volunteers diner, she was invited to. We had no clue where this was going. But we followed our intuition on this. And before we knew- we were surrounded by these beautiful people, who are on the same mission as we are. Talking to them was so effortless. No small talk- but instantly focusing on the real deal. This evening I had the honor to meet sir Godian Ejiogu. A peace servant who builts bridges between citizens with African roots and the Dutch care system. He is a personal servant to everyone who wants to find the connection with themselves again. He also wrote 2 books called ‘de droom’ en ‘het tribunaal’. I will definitely read them. I feel blessed meeting him and I feel excited to work together. #community #love #serveyourpurpose #cocreation #Africa


Peace to you MaritAfter little digital look on you, my question is answered. Last Friday when I meet you and in our conversation, I was trying to understand how we spoke and understand the vocabulary of language of life. It is not vocabulary and language that is accessible for many. I got my answer already. Thanks for our encounter.I look forward for working together.