Owning our emotional triggers – September 16th 2021

People will always be triggered -no matter what. I recently asked the most free spirit I have ever met, and he told me, it rarely but still happens to him. Well I know how that feels. Last summer someone pushed a really big button of mine, which I was totally unaware of. Why did this happened so suddenly? Well-because I’d never experienced the situation and this feeling for someone ever before in my life. It was unpleasant for the both of us- so I took a step back to set my spirit free. I took some time off and allowed myself to transfer old fear based memories into new beliefs. How? I dove in deep. I cried. Screamd. And let it all out. And suddenly… it was gone. A trigger wants to move… it is literally e-motion (energy in motion) So let it go! Everyone has their own way doing it. But you got to give it attention to release it. And the beautiful thing is, we clear the way for our kids. Our kids are connected to us in a spiritual and systemic way. Struggling kids are always connected to struggling parents. . If we set ourselves free- we set them free too! #emotion#ownership#triggers#kids#freeyoursoul