Questions to self | October 17th 2021

Today I have decided to share with you what’s on my mind. I have never did that before in public. From now on I no longer want to hide my opinion about what’s going on in the world. It’s time to questioning all the things that don’t make sense and harm the world and humanity. With my eyes wide open I see our government
– Forcing everyone to take a vaccine
– Dividing our society by protocols and law

Have you ever asked yourself the question WHY?? WHY??! WHY??!
Well I did! I started this journey half a year ago, when my intuïtion started quesationing my environment . It was quit a journey….Investigate, discussing, listening, thinking, reflecting…. And by getting more and more information from the non-mainstream channels, researches and friends, I became more and more awake. I am a lightworker and I think it’s time to shine my light on the dark side of life!!
People who have known me for many years, as a teacher, principal or maybe as their neighbor, know me as a sober, friendly and happy intellect. And that is why I am using this identity and position to show you how awake I am. And to ask you if you REALLY know WHY this is happening? It might be helpful to ask yourself the following questions;

* Are you awake?
* Can you absolute know that that’s true?
* What happens when you believe that thought?
* Who would you be, without that thought?
Being awake can be a confrontation with your view on life. Your view on our government, yourself and mankind. It’s time for some critical self research. More then ever!!
I like listening to