Retreat in nature – October 20th 2021

I just got back from a little retreat in nature. I get one when I feel like I need to recharge and re-balance. No phone, no kids, no distractions…. This time it truly felt só special. There was warmth, laughter and a lot of moments of insight. It felt like a retreat about the essence of my life. Life for me – feels like a continuing unpacking of presents of growth and abundance. This morning I woke up in my own bed again. Thankful and fresh. Stable and balanced. I took my journal and started to write. “I am proud to be able to carry my own life. To be able to have a deep look in my own mirror, to know how to grow. To be stable and prosperous. I feel so happy living together with 3 wonderful kids. And feel lucky to have some dear close friends- we make lots of fun, share life stories, and collaborate in making this world a better and brighter place for our kids and every other on our planet! I am blessed to have the opportunity to co-create life with inspiring people. Some connect on the same high energy as I do, some share knowledge and others encourage me to shine more light. My work is awesome! I experience so much alignment during my coaching sessions. And I só enjoy to create a teacher development program in my hometown area.

Life is good!
I put my journal away, grateful to wake up like this. To be able to bring the energy of my retreat back home. If someone crosses my path today, I will smile so big, that it touches their heart and energy as well. It’s the essence of my life.
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