When you need a little push | November 14th

Sometimes we need other people to get a little push towards our dreams, desires and goals. Like a toddler riding his bike the first time. Have a strong faith is absolutely accessible to all of us. It is created in our own unconscious and conscious beliefsystem! We can stretch our belief and build confidence by trying (new things). For me- all the things that did and didn’t worked out in my life had great value. Every failure is a lesson. In my past- I also borrowed some confidence from other people. I even borrowed it from unhealthy relationships. Until I became aware, that the resources the other one reflected and borrowed me – were accessible for me too. I think a lot of people can relate to that. Some get confidence by status, looks or even sexual attraction. Check out the fake body’s and make up faces while watching some TikTok snacks. Unfortunately -because it is external and not built from inside out, this confidence won’t last long.
Luckily there is a healthy way too! We can help the other reflect on their highest potential and best version. Observe, love and affirm. By doing that we can give the other a little push. That makes it something we can pass on to eachother. Like a domino…. Don’t you just love that idea!?? What are we waiting for? Go! #spreadconfidence #spreadlove #reflection #affirming #domino