When you tap in stopable energy | November 14th

Tired of all the measurements? Feeling angry? Sad? I think we all can relate to that. Let’s not deny our feelings of resistance and grieve. AND – let it also provide you the strength to tap into an unstoppable energy as well. Yes I feel angry when I see that these conditions touch our beautiful kids now! Like my little boy, who is not allowed to bring his mam into the dressing area at the swimming pool!! It pisses me off! AND – that does not stop me from being creative, from laughing and making fun. It doesn’t stop me from meeting new people. Setting new goals. Explore different routes. Having a good night sleep. Loving my kids. Enjoying the energy in my house. To be honest – I feel grateful for all these things- more then ever!! There is light ánd dark. And in that light- I see a lot of new creative initiatives. For example —> #Iambonding. A bracelet to wear, as a sign to show others – everywhere you go- I am bonding! A way to say; it doesnt matter if you are vaccinated or not. I am bonding. It’s about humanity. Unity. We are all leaves from te same tree.
So yes, “I am happy to be the owner of my body and mind. I am bonding. And it is unstoppable.”
Check out the link on the wall for more info and get your own bracelet….
#iambonding @iambonding